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What's New in ACME Desk?

2021/09/12 - v3.17.11.0

  • Bugfix: Parameters were not saved when move icons.
  • Many others smalls bugs fixed.

2021/08/14 - v3.17.8.0
  • Bugfix: vertical size can now be over 1200 px
  • Links to somme site http now to https ( now in https)

2021/02/22 - v3.17.3
  • Bugfix: Week number (now ISO)

2021/02/22 - v3.17.2
  • Programs can be added by command-line.
    (Add /Edit Cmd)

2020/07/28 - v3.17.1
  • Bugfix: Drag and drop did not support file(s) or path with space(s)

2020/07/04 - v3.17
  • New option in file menu: Copy

2020/06/23 - v3.16.36
  • Quit kept only last 10 backups of INI file

2019/12/31 - v3.16.35
  • No need admin right for installation.

2019/12/31 - v3.16.33
  • New function: Extract EXE from link shortcut

2019/12/29 - v3.16.32
  • Bugfix: OnTop state was not read when load

2019/10/29 - v3.16.31
  • Dropdown menu for webradios

2018/11/01 - v3.16.27
  • PlayList created by drag and drop can be saved.

2018/10/31 - v3.16.26
  • Many MP3 files can be palyed by drop over green zone.

2018/10/09 - v3.16.25
  • Remove DPI aware (auto resize text on screen no-100%)

2018/10/04 - v3.16.24
  • Bugfix

2018/09/20 - v3.16.23
  • Bugfix: Check version work now
  • Bugfix: Webradio shortcuts are now saved

2018/09/14 - v3.16.20
  • Proxy support

2018/09/14 - v3.16.17
  • Drop zone can launch music (and some sound) files (MP3, M4A, FLAC, OGG, WAV)

2017/10/18 - v3.16.12
  • Bugfix: INI was broken if drop text over program icon.

2017/08/11 - v3.16.10
  • Bugfix
  • New icon for pages

  • Bugfix: Drag'n'drop URL work now

2017/08/01 - v3.16.8
  • Bugfix

2017/07/10 - v3.16.5

2017/07/07 - v3.16.4
  • Needle clock: Graduation of hours
  • Needle clock: Set transparency 25, 50 or 100%
  • Needle clock: Second needle can be show or not (polling 1 sec instead of 60)

2017/07/07 - v3.16.2
  • Needle clock: User can change colors
  • Needle clock: Clock can be set on top or not
  • Needle clock: Bugfix - Y position was saved as X value, so sometime off screen
  • Needle clock: Bugfix - Time needle was moving only on time

2017/07/03- v3.16
  • New gadget: Needle Clock

2017/07/03 - v3.15.2
  • Bugfix: The popupmenu no longer appears after opening the todo list

2017/06/28 - v3.15.1
  • Bugfix: icon 'New Note' lost (note)
  • New icons in note menu
  • Bugfix: Mute icon were note strikeout
  • Option: New (note) in Note window

2017/06/26 - v3.15

2017/06/01 - v3.12.1
  • New look for buttons Countdown, Timer, Webradio (screenshot)

2017/05/17 - v3.11.2
  • Bugfix: Could not add a program with a number above 255
  • Added: Music file format .OGG

2017/05/05 - v3.11
  • The speed of loading text files in the internal viewer has been multiplied by 100!
  • The internal viewer can now edit files!
  • Notes are saved in a folder on desktop (Notes + UserName())

2017/05/04 - v3.10.2
  • Drop any selected text over drop zone will create a texte file (on desktop).

2017/05/03 - v3.10.1
  • Drop text file (*.TXT, *.INI) over green zone now open internal viewer.
  • Internal viewer recognize format of txt file (ASCII, UTF-8, Unicode)
    Note: It is slow with big files.

2017/05/02 - v3.10
  • New! You can now view images files (JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF! (also anaimated GIF) by drop file over green zone.
  • You can launch any document associated in Windows (ie: PDF, XLS, DOC etc) by drop over green zone

2017/04/30 - v3.9.33
  • Shortcuts
  • Schedule now accessible by menu (not only by right click on date) (screenshot)

2017/04/27 - v3.9.32
  • Bugfix: Infos remain when del and insert program
  • Bugfix: Display mp3 info when no mp3 info in file

2017/04/05 - v3.9.31
  • Added: Playlist manager: now memorize last folder used between sessions
  • Added: MP3 panel: now memorize position between sessions
  • Added: Add... in mp3 filename if filename is up to 15 chars
  • Bugfix: Add program by left clic "Past (Full)filname as new" work now even if filename have "" (if copy from properties)
  • Bugfix: Number of week

2017/04/04 - v3.9.29
  • Separators can be show or hide (configuration)
  • Size (height) of desk can be set pixel by pixel (configuration)

2017/04/03 - v3.9.27
  • Translation completed (Configuration window)
  • Bugfix: Number of the week was wrong.

2017/04/01 - v3.9.25
  • Bugfix: Playlist popup menu (add selection only add first file)
  • Bugfix: When load program, sound was set to 0 if sound value did not exist

2017/03/31 - v3.9.24
  • New functions in playlist manager (drag'n'drop multi) screenshot
  • Bugfix

2017/03/28 - v3.9.18
  • New functions in mp3 toolbar info (toolbar alway stay on top)
    1. Commands: Close bar, Mp3 Infos, Previous track, Pause, Stop, Next
    2. To move bar, clic on green zone and move mouse
  • Desk now load very fast.
  • Bugfix: Size of Mp3 bar.

2017/03/23 - v3.9.10
  • New functions in playlist manager (drag'n'drop, read single file ...)

2017/03/23 - v3.9.9
  • New command (in Trayicon) to read a single MP3 file

    PureBasic Logo and like to PureBasic website (propaganda ;-)

2017/03/23 - v3.9.8
  • New Window for display MP3 title see screenshot (fr)
  • Bugfix: Run as Admin now use parameters and start folder
  • Bugfix: Check version now work.

2017/03/20 - v3.9.5
  • You can now set if program must run as user or as administrator
  • You can add a program using copy filename from clipboard
  • Bugfix: Language used is now saved
  • Bugfix: Menu items unused removed
  • Bugfix: Check version now test id (YYYYMMDDHHMM)

    (Screenshot is in french, but program can be set in english.)

2017/03/19 - v3.8
  • New check update system (use full date instead of version)
  • New menu option: Check version
  • Folder dialog when use "Start in..." for program.
  • Bugfix: mp3 file release when stop (file was locked)

2017/03/10 - v3.7.2
  • Increase volume sound at end of countdown.
  • Wanning window now at top of screen, instead of bottom right.
  • If speaking clock is set to ON, message at end of countdown is spoken.

2017/02/14 - v3.6.2
  • New: Favorite WebRadio can be set from WebRadio window (clic Fav. buttons)
  • Bugfix: Volume change between files when playing playlist
  • Bugfix: After Pause display still show "Pause"
  • Bugfix: Changing favorite webradio activate sound even if MUTE where on

2017/02/13 - v3.5.20
  • MRU (Most Recently Used) PlayList is back. (Left click on green zone)
  • Information "Now Playing..." (Left click on MP3 title)

2017/01/24 - v3.5.15
  • Bugfix: remove unused button when dll for webradio is not loaded
  • Remove unused tab in Edit window

2017/01/20 - v3.5.13 v3.5.14
  • v 3.5.13 - Bugfixe: Icon now can be changed with a .jpg file
  • v 3.5.14 - Bugfixe: image bug when no webradio dll loaded.

2017/01/10 - v3.5.12
  • Uninstall can now delete the data folder (%AppData%\ACME_Desk) (with confirmation)
  • Bugfixe

2017/01/04 - v3.5.11
  • Add Setup Box (1) and CloseBox (2)
    CloseBox is now on right like classic window application.

2017/01/03 - v3.5.10
  • Add menu option to edit INI file
  • Add option to check update on server

2017/01/03 - v3.5.9
  • Top Menu suppressed (replaced with PopUp Menu)
  • Bugfixe: First week of year is #52 if first thursday is in week 1

2016/12/21 - v3.5.5
  • New icons (for 32 and 64 bits versions)
  • New CloseBox in grip (titlebar)
  • New window for setup options (still in developpment)
  • Bugfixe: Portable version may be installed without DLL for webradio (but webradio can't be used)
  • Bugfixe: Icons in trayicon menu are Ok
  • Bugfixe: Translation.

2016/12/15 - v3.4
  • New! button for 3 webradio Pre-selection (2)
    • To add Pre-selection, edit INI file (Setup > Configuration) Alt+F
    • Add section [Radio_Fav] followed by lines
      Station Name = Url (like section [Radio])
    • Add section [Radio_ShortName] followed by
      Station Name = SortName (five char max)
  • Bugfixes (tooltips)
  • Mute button larger (3)

2016/12/14 - v3.3.29
  • Bug fixes (favorite button state)

2016/12/13 - v3.3.28
  • Add button to launch favorite webradio (1)
    Edit INI file (Alt+F) then add [Radio_Fav] section and your favorite webradio.
    Syntax: like [Radio] section
  • Mute button have special icon (2)
  • Mute display is now Attenuated (3) (black on lightgrey instead of white on red)

(Music OFF in english mode)

2016/12/06 - v3.3.27
  • Bug fixes

2016/11/24 - v3.3.25
  • Bug fixes

2016/11/06 - New Software! (beta) ACME TreeNote
  • Go to New Section: Beta(s) Version(s) (removed)

2016/10/25 - v3.3.20
  • Bug fixes

2016/09/30 - v3.3.19
  • Bug fixe: Reset chrono (was not set to 0 when reset)
  • Bug fixe: Icons in Trayicon

2016/09/22 - v3.3.18
  • Bug fixes
  • planner of Calendar now have a Now button to set date & time to now.

2016/09/22 - v3.3.17
  • Bug fixes
  • Some changes in Edit window

2016/09/22 - v3.3.16
  • Bug fixes
  • Properties Window is now in English and French.
  • ScrollDown Menu is now aligned (#, Name, path)
  • Check box "Run as Admin" is disable in Edit window (but still can be use in popup)

2016/09/21 - v3.3.15
  • Bug fixes
  • User can change frame color
  • New windows for editing all programs partameters in one
    Right Click on icon and option Edit or main menu Edit Programs

2016/09/17 - v3.3.2
  • Bug fixes
  • Small graphics improvements (frame)
  • Some internals changes (sound control buttons replaced by images for future extension)
  • Setup have his own logo and some improvements.

2016/09/09 - v3.2.12
  • Bug fixes
  • Option in Menu to confirm or not when delete icon
  • Mute display is now more readable (white on red)

2016/09/08 - v3.2.11
  • Bug fixes
  • Small graphics improvements

2016/09/07 - v3.2.10
  • Change page need a click action, because mouse over work fine but was too fast!
  • Order of buttons in playlist manager changed.
  • Title (mp3 and werbradio) are now centered

2016/08/31 v3.2.9
  • The page changes when the mouse cursor passes over the button without needing to click. (This system prepares a future feature) ;-)
  • Bug fixes: Tooltips where not show a initial startup.
  • New: Page color can be changed with Right click on number.

  • 2016/08/31 - v3.2.8 - Activate beep for all messages event if sound if off - Sound On/Off menu is replaced by Speaking Clock On/Off
  • 2016/08/30 - v3.2.7 - Bug fixes - Initial loading does not load ico for URL
  • 2016/08/29 - v3.2.6 - New solution to switch easyly from Desk to small clock. See Tutorial New!
  • 2016/08/28 - v3.2.5 - Calendar with 3 events (click on Time zone or use Menu or ALT+C)
  • 2016/08/25 - v3.2.4 - New window to setup height of desk - Grip is now on top of window (no, I can't put it above menu bar) - Bugs fixed.
  • 2016/08/23 - Windows without border even in Windows XP, Vista, Seven !
  • 2016/08/22 - Bugs resolved: URL's Icons with size up to 16x16 were now resize to 16x16 (go to menu Setup > Reload all icon). LIB does not save URL icons.
  • 2016/08/21 - Bug resolved: Customizing icons no longer work. Added: Little window with ProgressBar when reload/rebuid icons LIB
  • 2016/08/18 - Icon folder is replaced with a single file.
  • 2016/08/14 - Bug correction in Edit mode (by mouse)
  • 2016/08/10 - Bug corrections in ACME Desk (CountDown) - See Historique and new option to personnalize end message for CountDown. See Screenshots.
  • 2016/08/08 - Due to the growing number of international visitors, the site is beginning to be translated into English. (Do not expect much, my english spoken is poor ;-)
  • What's Next ?

    • The small icon files will be replaced by a single file (lib) for fast loading and avoid using too clusters for small files. (DONE)
    • The program will detect the location of the INI file by priority (or local installation). So we'll be able to have several installations on the same computer. That mean: if an INI file is found in the directory of the EXE it will be used in priority to that may be present in %APPDATA% ill be replaced by a single file (lib) for fast loading and avoid using too clusters for small files. (DONE)
    • The calendar will become an appointment manager. (DONE)
    • Some conventional system functions will be added to the menu (or a toolbar): Shell acces (cmd.exe), Control Panel, Shutdown command etc.
    • Analog clock (option) and external floating mode (resizable) ?
    • Auto check update once a day
    • Blinking display when mute mode is on
    • Playlist (mp3) manager is not easy to use (it is not intuitive) and will be redbuild.

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