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As you can see, some forums or applications does not contain the 'Strikethrough text' tag.
It is a very useful tag when you want to update a post and leave the old version.
ie: ̶V̶e̶r̶s̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶0̶.̶1̶:̶ ̶b̶u̶g̶ ̶b̶u̶g̶ ̶b̶u̶g̶ ̶:̶-̶)̶ Version 1.0 here :-)

However, the unicode character set makes it possible to make barred characters. It is enough to decompose a chain into a letter and to follow each by Chr($0336)


  1. Type Text or paste or drop or use Clipboard incoming from other application
  2. Click on big button
  3. Open your application or browser and use Copy (CTRL+C)

Downloads (Freeware - 32 bits) V 1.0.1 (bugfix)
MD5:  573da6b393f70f40fba0b5fedac1e973
SHA1: b677e4b5fcba93c7fe91178c1a1f692273689ccc
SHA-2 224: fca049b9aab59b4eda75e243a147f523828c5929dde6c2adfe718e68
SHA-2 256: aef3389abc1ab93eb538e94ac300e5ad589d1659701a1cea0f3f001c6aaa6f33
SHA-2 384: eadcf6384875fdd1b3c8adf4a1c36ed00459d33f4d67d65639f5fe40341972af22871a2f3cc19cc3bf2db3176cbdedc8
SHA-2 512: 9f751474fecac46e9ac9c47f715f3323ceaf513a83438f8189c95e57a89f6515031a65427c2e5a4bd6ab57da038cd3e2c45c813a743e21ccffa38b7b9b9b8620
SHA-3 224: e690bd387cc3d5445943f399cd173c686a3240cf0f7818a68a8be3e3
SHA-3 256: b6dc4b25b29473e7f17218ac1c7b761611cd98c55e513fabe248a640e2c2883f
SHA-3 384: 09bcb3bb38b71d796bd715787a28386bf4b0cc2d9c8a43fa3d9a5457119320156e3c1eae881cf9b2b5e5c4dc23c8fcfe
SHA-3 512: fcca3cc1bcde080f9b96712676ce04dd1af76138a40a02547572c1462ef93b79409991db6a4bb4c3f513df27c924f43bb009939360a5f2dbf0887bdeea689bac

MD5:  13483aecd0866ae472e99a5ac910c7f8
SHA1: 60b20102a988456ac35366a538050b0fee986e7d
SHA-2 224: e3e96588ac4efa653fec6839e65be73cff78335459261e097a31433c
SHA-2 256: 45ec30f62b3f603df57c0515823e0649825f1fc10a9d1228060a1c80b7990179
SHA-2 384: c8e9b76f434bcfbf54c81fdfcb8ccbb2a6efb22315a0dc1f5b7f12ba3d1baf379dff0c615b7522d7791d031171343f78
SHA-2 512: 98170034718446293b9ce61d42780c5772ca2eea106a867ad6efbaaf699f1b644ea1777db2000498702e69153b0b4e77ebe3db383d7d25478ec3e1e6abce7624
SHA-3 224: b53c9d784e2e909e434ff7f6c16e1c5f16c622e2b49cddcbff2fbf92
SHA-3 256: 86c61197c2d25c0a2707efbb46de944c5013d6c4239e0fb07e23778370d97caa
SHA-3 384: 0e1366e4881a4a266f6ddf9bc806bf3f1febb6feb1a71bbc3efeb9c4a94b1016f8f77512b7c7e6b5c9e68ddd0c0d9ee0
SHA-3 512: 0370e765a6ce0438d5997c21568176cca8933f16a21d37d5db4c05668204a3adb4a0d5ee6177cb6ab4e61af324f6b4500b402b5f238efbb7e7a683d48928f69f

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