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ACME Checksum & Tool Text

ACME Checksum & Tool Text is a File Checksum a a tool to strike text. Download


  • Create checksums with 10 methods
  • Compare checksum (auto detection)
  • Start with with Drag and drop over icon
  • Create Drag and drop over window (anywhere on window)
  • Compare with Drag and drop checksum (anywhere on window)
  • Automatic selection for matching
  • New 2.0: Integration of ACME TX Tool
  • New 2.0: You can drag individual checksum from tool to your application (use red arrow)
  • Packaging (version 32 and 64) with icon, uninstall
  • Option Stay on top
  • Freeware
  • New 2.1: Rot13 Encode/decode

Coming soon: String CRC32

Create checksum - Drop file or open it

Chech checksum - Drop file then drop Checksum

New v2.5 : Multi-files

Strike text


Freeware Windows - 32 and 64 bits in same package. Checked VirusTotal 0/69


ACME Checksum - version 2.5.4

Fully written with PureBasic's internal functions (and internal Form Designer)

  • 2.5.4 - Add option (menu) show fullpath or not for filename report
  • 2.5.4 - MD5 checked by default
  • 2.5.3 - Added Filename, Size and Date in report
  • 2.5.3 - Multiples files can be drop on icon (on desktop)
  • 2.5.2 - Added check for update (not sure it works fine)

How to use: Create Checksum
  • Drop a (many) file(s) over icon or over program (if still open) or type, or click on Browse
  • Click Generate
  • Check checkbox for checksum you want
  • Clic Clipboard
  • Paste checksum in your application (website, mail etc)

How to use: Control Checksum

  • Drop a file over icon or over program (if still open) or type, or click on Browse
  • Copy, Drop or type Checksum on checksum
  • Click Check

FileName: ACME_Checksum_Setup_2.5.4.exe
Size    : 1,116,510 bytes
Date    : 2019/02/18 16:42:36

MD5      : 630d69d7d31d6601a7a5281fe54d4d4d
SHA-2 256: d0ad5eff97a2995926fc59447327c5921f3843c3b8f0a671b7710a14a6f8dc3e
SHA-3 256: 55a26bf13eb30d92ce41a1b47f52a9c5c9184506b3e2fa5b586202cd3b6a1a8c

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