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ACME Checksum & Tool Text

ACME Checksum & Tool Text is a File Checksum a a tool to strike text.


  • Create checksums with 10 methods
  • Compare checksum (auto detection)
  • Start with with Drag and drop over icon
  • Create Drag and drop over window (anywhere on window)
  • Compare with Drag and drop checksum (anywhere on window)
  • Automatic selection for matching
  • New 2.0: Integration of ACME TX Tool
  • New 2.0: You can drag individual checksum from tool to your application (use red arrow)
  • Packaging (version 32 and 64) with icon, uninstall
  • Option Stay on top
  • Freeware
  • New 2.1: Rot13 Encode/decode

Coming soon: String CRC32

Create checksum - Drop file or open it

Chech checksum - Drop file then drop Checksum

Strike text


Download Setup - Freeware - Windows 32 and 64 bits.

Checked: Virustotal 0/63
Fully written with PureBasic's internal functions (and internal Form Designer)

How to use: Create Checksum
  • Drop a filname over icon or over program (if still open) or type, or click on Brows
  • Click Generate
  • Check checkbox for checksum you want
  • Clic Clipboard
  • Paste checksum in your application (website, mail etc)

How to use: Control Checksum

  • Drop a filname over icon or over program (if still open) or type, or click on Brows
  • Copy, Drop or type Checksum on checksum
  • Click Check

MD5:  e102cbb9c7bc1834c0c6abf134408c7b
SHA1: b26d48dfa0596b811c5ad00d56a74a01ccd67324
SHA-2 224: 6312a5f76bc81a5221cea84dc2a90e24f6c72e177fdcd765622b9b67
SHA-2 256: e218871b7e09b31b5ca5d884abeed5103a382e1161d498dede0c8a20e548a3ff
SHA-2 384: d1f7cca3f8cfc51c0382c63bc7acf78027748dda3aae0f1e46e02021015ff6a6c8ecdb5f0c863f2cc1402bcc181186b7
SHA-2 512: cf963219295fb93a44cb46a370b866670a16da2d43d00f968bf6ae1e9f9730313a2a29c8af8e1f35997755a01806be8f24dd0193a075815c81b8d4c16d8a7ec4
SHA-3 224: 57a774bf1f5398e7b5e3875ff50138cece04770156576b443df001e5
SHA-3 256: 7b30800b0b037247573e44760862e0127a43f905e707ddc63c1f4edaf412a9ed
SHA-3 384: c7aa8c8ca1a6a5e16fa945ee2a96e21fc2f964ee3be025cd2d50c211c83c1fa48b01a57bee4ed1b69f855abf5ac8a07b
SHA-3 512: 3896d1a3b1b708a61a381797a5881a4a7a70f99385e606e417d3bc9a70d36658501654e97e5c61c830ff77e640ff135ff16fdef2b81b92921fcc5170a3d20f60

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